Revolutionise your business with cutting-edge algorithms and adaptable software for smartphones and tablets.
With up to zero errors and in any lighting condition - ROONIQ technology does anything from automating quality inspection in your Goods In process to utilising 3D-depth data to evaluate car repairs.
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Anything IS PoSSIBLE

Whether you want help with reimagining car repair data or automating and minimising errors in your Goods In procedure, we can help. Get some inspiration by reading about our existing use cases below.


Frequently asked questions

How does the technology work?

LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is a cutting-edge technology that measures distances by illuminating a target with laser light and analysing the reflected light (Time of Flight).This technology enables our software to create high-precision 3D maps of objects and environments, offering unparalleled accuracy in measurement and analysis.

How Accurate are the 3D Scans and Measurements?

Our 3D scanning technology boasts an impressive accuracy of up to 1mm. This precision ensures reliable and exact measurements, making it ideal for applications in quality control, inventory management, and damage assessment.

Can the software identify specific materials?

Yes, our software is designed to recognize various materials, especially beneficial in recycling and inventory management. By comparing scanned objects to a pre-existing database or product catalogue, it can accurately identify and sort materials.

is the technology compatible with all smartphones and tablets?

Our software is compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets equipped with LiDAR technology. We continuously update our software to support new devices, ensuring broad accessibility and usability.



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