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Welcome to ROONIQ, where precision meets innovation. At the forefront of 3D scanning and measurement technology, we are dedicated to transforming industries and delivering real value to our clients. Our state-of-the-art software is compatible with your existing hardware, such as a smartphone or tablet.

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Our story and mission


Founded by a team of visionary engineers and tech enthusiasts, ROONIQ embarked on a journey to revolutionize the world of 3D measurement. Our mission is clear: to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency in 3D scanning technology.

We are committed to empowering industries, from manufacturing to heritage preservation, with tools that not only save time but also eliminate errors, ensuring every measurement is a step towards perfection.

Achievements and milestones

Our technology has been recognized for its zero-error performance, and we're proud to have partnered with leading companies, delivering software that redefines accuracy and efficiency in our customers' operations.

We've successfully made 3D measurement affordable, and our solutions are being utilised by various companies and industries.

Vision and values

Our vision at ROONIQ is to be at the forefront of the 3D scanning revolution, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We value innovation, precision, and reliability, believing that these are the cornerstones of successful technology.

Committed to sustainability, we are happy that our solutions are helping companies in the Recycling industry.



We guarantee zero-error in every measurement.



We tailor our technology to fit your specific needs.



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About the Logo

"Rune reading was a form of divination or fortune-telling that involved using symbols called runes, typically inscribed on stones or cards. Practitioners interpreted the arrangement and meaning of these symbols to gain insights into the past, present, or future, often providing guidance or advice to the seeker.

ROONIQ does something similar. The symbols we see are points, thousands of them in a three dimensional depth based cloud of points. Our algorithms interpret this scene to gain insight into what is in front of you.

Our logo - the ROONIQ Cube - represents a modern interpretation of the old stones and cards. The company's abbreviated name is visible on the front side, RNQ, while on the back side of the cube are the letters O, O and I which represent the binary, computational magic that happens behind the scenes."