What we do at ROONIQ
We create tailored 3D measurement solutions. Save time and minimize human error by joining our Pilot Development Program today!


About The Technology

Unlock the potential of tomorrow's technology today.
Our cutting-edge 3D measurement software redefines what's possible, opening the door to a world of innovation and efficiency. Imagine a future where precision meets affordability, where complex tasks become streamlined, and where your unique needs find a solution.

Our technology offers just that.
From your phone or tablet, our software will help you with anything from optimizing inspections in any lighting condition to reimagining car repairs with 3D depth data. The possibilities are limitless, so let your imagination run wild – because we're here to turn your ideas into reality.

Existing use CASES


Millimetre accuracy in all lighting conditions possible.

Use mobile devices

Low energy requirement. Android and iOS compatible.


We'll help you integrate to your ERP System.

10x faster

Press one button to receive detailed measurement reports.


Simple upload of app onto existing consumer device.

Industry 4.0

Providing 3D machine vision software for industry

The pilot Development program


Welcome to the forefront of 3D measurement technology. Our Pilot Development Program offers a unique opportunity for visionaries and innovators to co-create and fine-tune software solutions that redefine precision and efficiency.

We're not just promising innovation: we're delivering it. Our existing customers have already seen significant improvements in precision and efficiency, and now we invite you to experience this transformative technology firsthand.
Together, we can unlock the full potential of 3D measurement technology, tailored specifically to your industry and application.

Why join?

  • Customized Solutions
    Collaborate with us to develop software that meets your specific 3D measurement needs.

  • Cutting-edge Technology
    Leverage our advanced algorithms and data processing capabilities to gain unparalleled accuracy, detail and efficiency.

  • Competetive Edge
    Stay ahead in your field with bespoke tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

  • Exclusive Access
    Be among the first to utilise and benefit from innovations in 3D measurement technology.

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Operates on
iOS & Android

Who we're
looking for

  • - Innovators in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design
  • - Leaders in Quality Control and Inspection
  • - Visionaries in Automotive, Aerospace, and Construction
  • - Any industry professional seeking to revolutionise their measurement processes

Expression of

Share your challenges and vision with us.


and tests

Work closely with our team to develop and refine the solution.


final product Delivery

Receive a bespoke, fully-functional 3D measurement tool.


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