Duncan Bell
May 6, 2024

Product public release: Parcel Measure

Announcing our latest product: Parcel Measure! You can now measure the dimensions of your parcels or any box like thing with 1 cm accuracy using your own phone or tablet.

It is getting more common with self service postage systems that the customer is asked to put their parcel in a 'Smart Parcel Locker'. In order to do that they are required to provide the size of their parcel. Not everyone has a tape measure at home, and even if they do, they certainly don't bring it with them all the time. Having a 3D measurement capability available as an app on your phone is a convenient alternative.

Click here to see it in action!

This is just one application, and there are many more, both for the end consumer but also as part of business operations within various parcel / logistics sectors. Besides the public version we offer Parcel Measure Enterprise, running in the cloud or on device, ready for businesses to integrate, and ready for extension and customisation to your business needs.

If you are in need of affordable mobile dimensioners and measurement tools, or if you are just curious to know more, contact us at contact@rooniq.com and we are happy to talk more!

How do I get it?

Currently available for Apple Pro devices on App Store. We are working hard on the Android port and hope to release it soon. Keep an eye out for future updates!

How does it work?

Apple Pro devices are equipped with LiDAR sensors giving high resolution accurate depth information. We use that data to locate and measure things, such as parcels. You can get two things out of the app

  • Accurate width, length and height measurements
  • Proposed standardized packages (currently DHL only, we are working on supporting more options)

The app is privacy first: all computations are done locally on your device, no data is sent anywhere outside!

Does it work for non-parcels?

As long as your thing is "boxy enough". We are working on handling arbitrary geometries, both for "the thing being measured" such as "a pile of clothes", as well as "the thing being proposed for packaging", such as bags.